DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Flyer spirit is in the air and the merchandise at Flyer Spirit is flying off the shelves. 

“Especially on game days, the store has been packed with alumni, students and fans,” said Camden Pace, a sales associate at Flyer Spirit.

Fans are buying t-shirts, sweatshirts, foam fingers, and anything else University of Dayton-related.  All are hoping to get the latest game day gear as the UD men’s basketball team soars through the national ranks. 

David Schaffer, Flyer Spirit student supervisor, said fans often come in following games after seeing merchandise on other people. “[They say] I saw one of my friends wear it or I saw it in the game, do you guys have that? And we’re like no, we’ve been out of that for a while, because we get that shipment and it’s gone,” he said.

Staff says it makes coming to work more exciting. 

“We have a good amount of people that come through here that I’m able to talk to about the basketball team rather than just checking them out and saying have a good day,” Pace said.

The team is so popular, home games are sold out for the rest of season. 

“This is really cool, to see everyone banding together around a team that’s doing really, really well right now,” Schaffer said.

Even those who are not University of Dayton grads are remaining loyal. 

“I went to Wright State but all my friends went to UD so we’d always go to games and stuff like that,” Zach Lesemann, a Flyer fan said.

For life long fans, there’s nothing more exciting than seeing the Flyers shine especially with this being their highest ranking in years. 

“The whole town’s just this huge basketball city. You don’t hear much about other sports,” Lesemann said.

As merchandise continues to fly off the shelves, fans hope their support can keep the team soaring.