DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The city of Dayton has renewed a program with AEP Energy once again.

A partnership between the city of Dayton, the Sustainable Ohio Public Energy Council and AEP Energy is moving forward to save residents money. The city looks for rates lower than the amount presented by AES Ohio, which is the primary electric provider for Dayton.

By taking the partnership through May 2025, residents are expected to be saving over $100 this year, starting June 1, compared to staying with AES’s standard offer. Residents across the area have saved an average of $350 on electric power bills.

Although the rate agreement between the city and AEP Energy will be lower than the rate by AES Ohio, the rate will be increasing, due to the price of global energy.

“This year, the City was able to procure a supply rate lower than AES Ohio standard, but the City rate will increase compared to last year because of global energy prices,” Dayton said. “The City locked in a rate of 9.65 cents per kWh until May of 2025, compared to 7.4 cents per kWh for 2022. The AES Ohio standard price is 10.8 cents per kWh.”

The city will be sending out letters to residents of Dayton with an opportunity to opt out of the aggregation program. Dayton recommends residents continue to continue with the program by disregarding the letter. Residents wishing to opt-out of the program will not be charged a fee and are welcome to shop around for their own rates if they wish.

In May 2021, the city began a partnership with AEP Energy for residents. With the program in action, it offers 100% of renewable energy.