DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A major KISS fan didn’t let the band’s recent concert cancellation at the Nutter Center get him down; he’s turned parts of his home into a mini KISS museum to pay tribute to the rock band.

Mark Lang’s dining room is his drumming room, and his upstairs spare bedroom is a personal museum of KISS memorabilia. “I’ve always been creative. I’ve always been interested in the arts. This was just something– they’re like ‘yeah that’s Mark,'” he said.

Lang’s love for KISS started when he was seven years old. “My brother brought home the KISS album and I loved the music,” says Lang. Now over 50, he loves the band now just as much as he did then, saying he’s a “KISS kid at heart.”

Lang has seen the band a number of times in concert and has had three meet-and-greets with them. For most concerts, he shows up in full costume and makeup.

“I went to the Nutter Center. This was in 2000. I was actually invited to come up to the second row because I was in full costume. That was pretty cool,” Lang said. “They did a special on VH1 so they wanted to get different shots of the audience.”

For Lang, fandom is not just from head to toe; it’s also from floor to ceiling. Lang started collecting KISS memorabilia in 1977, starting out with a KISS lunchbox. As his collection has grown, he’s turned a spare bedroom in his home into a mini museum showcasing much of what he’s collected over the years. “If it’s not KISS, it doesn’t go in this room,” Lang says. “Anything new that came out, I bought.”

From figurines, to KISS-opoly, to KISS trivia, Lang has thousands of dollars of KISS merchandise that’s accumulated worth over time. “You could probably fill up another room,” said Lang.

And Lang celebrates the band year-round. “Christmas only comes once a year. KISS-mas is year around,” said Lang, who has a ‘KISS-mas’ tree on display in his living room. “The lights represent each color of the band member when they made their solo album. Purple for Paul. Red for Gene. Green for Peter. Blue for Ace.”

The mega KISS fan is now just waiting for the band’s final concert to be rescheduled, as he continues paying tribute and rocking out on his own.

“I played the drums since I was 4 years old, and KISS is one that really brought me to the next level,” says Lang.