DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A local dog Frisbee team is in the top 30 of 130 teams worldwide.

Team Dayton K9 Toss and Fetch formed about five years ago. They play multiple times a year at a farm in Trotwood.

While placing is a big accomplishment, the bigger accomplishment is what the dogs get out of the sport.

Kelly Ryan is team captain.

“It’s just getting out and having fun with them. They have no idea what the score is, what they’ve done, they don’t know. It’s just something that they love to do,” says Ryan.

While it’s essentially Frisbee for dogs, there are some rules to playing the game.

“As many tosses as you can get out into the field in 60 seconds,” describes Ryan.

For Stacie Parks and her three-year-old dog Zipper, it’s about much more than the score.

“He’s not the best catcher. I’m not the best thrower,” admits Parks. “But he gives it a good effort.”

For Drew Emery, it’s his way of giving back to his service dog.

“This is my way of saying just go out here and be a dog,” says Emery. “He’s driven for the Frisbee as you can tell.

Sometimes, catching the Frisbee, and sometimes not, for the team it’s all about having fun.

“It’s a competition sort of. But it’s really not a competition. We all root each other on,” states Ryan.