MIAMISBURG, Ohio (WDTN) – A year ago, most students wouldn’t have considered  celebrating for a virus they didn’t get, but students and staff at Dayton Christian took the time to acknowledge their accomplishments, celebrating an entire quarter with no instances of COVID-19. 

Faculty and staff wore jerseys on Monday to represent a “quarter back” together for in-person classes. Head of Dayton Christian School, Dr. John Gredy, said the recognition goes to students who’ve been consistently following protocols. 

“Students graciously wear their mask,” Gredy said. “In fact they probably adapt better than adults.”

Even with sporting events and classroom interactions, Gredy said another contributing factor in the school’s ability to keep cases at bay is the diligence and dedication of staff to tackle COVID-19 head-on when the school year started.

“Our leadership team really worked hard this summer to prepare, so we were anticipating probably way in advance of other schools in the area because we were involved with local legislators, the governor’s office [and] local health officials.” 

Gredy explained that because of this tireless work, teachers and students were providing tools to support their emotional health. He believes it has been just as important as providing the means to maintain physical health amid the pandemic.

“To be honest, it gets weary sometimes for teachers to teach during a classroom activity wearing a mask all day,” Gredy said. “So we’re doing a lot of things to help them as well to maybe take the load off of them.”

Some of those things include providing counseling and regularly checking in with students and staff members. But the one distinct factor that Gredy believes has brought them to this point is faith. 

“We have the power of prayer, “said Gredy. “And so our parents — our people, were praying faithfully about our return, that everyone would stay safe. And I think God has answered that.”

Moving into the colder months, Gredy said the school is offering staff members flu shots and is recommending that students get them as well. He said moving forward, the goal for keeping students and staff healthy is to stay on same course, following protocols as closely as possible.