DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Children’s Hospital announced the creation of The Center for the Female Athlete, a program that focuses on total wellness and the unique situations that affect the female athlete.

The hospital said the center is comprised of an all-female-led team of physicians, behavioral health specialists, dietitians, and athletic trainers dedicated to the current and future health and wellness of the female athlete.

“We began developing The Center for the Female Athlete about two years ago. We recognized that female athletes had higher rates of nutritional and mental health concerns than their male counterparts or non-athletes, which were having a negative impact on their sports performance and recovery,” said Lora Scott, MD, program director for sports medicine at Dayton Children’s. “We developed this program in response, so we could help provide holistic, wraparound care for these athletes.”  

The center sees patients ages 13-18 for a variety of conditions, including:

  • Nutritional concerns 
  • Sport-specific injury prevention 
  • Bone health and bone density testing 
  • Risk assessment for the RED-S female athlete triad 
  • Mental health screening 
  • Performance anxiety/body image issues 

Girls who enter The Center for the Female Athlete participate in an integrated care model that assesses them holistically, looking at their physical, nutritional and emotional heath, according to a release. The program focuses on exercise habits, hormonal balance, nutrition and counseling support to enable optimal health and teach them healthy habits.  

“For us, The Center for the Female Athlete was really the one missing piece in my daughter’s care and we realized it once we got answers there,” said Sybil Brun, whose daughter is currently enrolled in the program. “The center actually specializes in getting girls back to doing what they do best, treating them both physically and emotionally. I think it can be easy to forget our physical health is so closely linked with our mental health, but it’s true.” 

Athletes interested in making an appointment with The Center for the Female Athlete can request an appointment online anytime or call the center directly at (937) 641-4876.