TROTWOOD, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Children’s Hospital offered Pfizer vaccines in Trotwood Saturday morning to anyone 16 years or older. The vaccine clinic was held at Trotwood Madison High School.

The goal is to make the vaccine more accessible to parents and students. One organizer explained why it’s important for younger people to get vaccinated.

Chad Meyers is the director of ambulatory pharmacy at Dayton Children’s Hospital. He says, “The spread now is happening more in the 20- to 30-year-old range. So while they may not be as symptomatic that is where the spread is happening. If we can get the 16- through 30-year-olds vaccinated, we can help protect those around who may not be vaccinated.”

Trotwood Madison High School was the fifth of 14 scheduled clinics for Dayton Children’s Hospital.