DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — In the months to follow, parents and loved ones who knew someone involved in the German Township bus crash that killed one student and injured almost two dozen others are beginning a long road of processing and coping.

Dr. Mary Beth Dewitt, Dayton Children’s Hospital’s chief psychologist, said composing yourself before talking to you your child is important.

“See if the kids have any questions about it at that time. We don’t want to push them or force them to talk about it, but we do want to open it up so that there is a safe place that they can talk about it.”

She added that they might not be ready to talk about it and that’s okay as well.

Changes in eating habits and having bad dreams are also part of the process, but it’s important to check if there is anything that needs to be worked through.

“Lots of comfort, lots of checking and lots of love and support for each other,” Dr. Dewitt said. “In this circumstance, for our community, we really just need to embrace everyone around us.”

Dr. Dewitt also said being mindful of where children’s development is critical when talking with them about the traumatic events they saw.