DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– After spending more than two weeks at the International Space Station, Dayton businessman Larry Connor is getting back to business. Connor’s journey was the first ever entirely private mission to fly to the ISS – and he was the pilot.

“It gives you a completely different perspective of the Earth,” said Connor.

Looking at Earth from 250 miles away, 72-year-old Larry Connor traveled to the International Space Station and witnessed things many will never in their lifetime.

“One time, we were coming over the coast of California, I could see all the State of California very distinctly and five minutes later we were crossing over New York City,” said Connor. “So we crossed the United States in basically five minutes.”

As the pilot, Connor flew the first entirely private mission to the ISS. During his 17-day mission, he partnered with the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic on four experiments to study the heart, brain, spine and aging in space. The crew as a whole conducted 25 experiments and logged over 150 hours of research.

“That’s a work in progress, a lot of the experiments we flew up there and flew back,” said Connor. “They are analyzing those and it’ll probably take weeks if not months before any final determination.”

During the entire 17-day journey in space, Larry said one of the highlights was actually returning back home.

“We basically went from 100 miles above Earth to splash down in five or six minutes, it’s a very dynamic descent,” said Connor. “It is an extraordinary and unique experience.”

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