DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)– Store owners say they’ve seen up to a 20% increase in sales just this weekend just days after federal stimulus payments  have been delivered. Local businesses say they’ve seen a significant sales increase.

“We did see an uptick in business late Saturday in an unexpected way after 6:30 which is normally when it would slow down,” said Pizza Bandit Owner Brian Johnson. “It seemed like a lot of people were out and about supporting small businesses.

Johnson says this weekend felt busier than before just in time when people started receiving stimulus checks. Johnson is also the Marketing Director of Mike’s Bike Park and says they’ve seen significant foot traffic starting Friday.

“That type of purchase and investment is something people spend $1,400 on is a bike and it’s a perfect fit with spring coming,” said Johnson. “We’ve seen an incredible increase, almost 20-to-30 percent over just the last couple of days.”

One of the fastest growing Dayton businesses is the Entrepreneur Shoppe, Marketplace and Connect which is all owned by one woman, Tae Winston. She says she’s hopeful that people will use their stimulus checks to give right back into the Dayton community.

“Let’s have eachothers back,” said Winston. “Shop small, and when you do shop small, we give back.”

Stimulus checks have started to roll out into communities over the weekend and local businesses encourage spenders to give back to their own communities. Entrepreneur Marketplace, Shoppe and Connection involves over 50 businesses, retail vendors and an education center who’s whole purpose is focusing funds to build back the Dayton community. Winston says surviving the pandemic has been  tough, but her community has helped keep her doors open.

“It’s so important right now because we’re helping each other,” said Winston. “Everybody needs everybody so while you’re giving back, we’re giving back as well. 

Businesses are in high hopes that once the weather starts getting warmer, the DORA and opening vendors outdoors will be another boost in recovering from the pandemic.