DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN)- Energy Optimizers, USA is making a facial recognition infrared thermal scanner available for schools, businesses and hospitals in the Miami Valley.

The no-contact machine can detect a person’s temperature while also determining if that person is wearing a mask or is a stranger to the building. If the person being scanned has a high temperature, is not wearing a mask or is not recognized by the system’s database then the door will remain locked and entry will be denied.

While this technology can be useful for businesses or hospitals, school administrators are looking closely to use the technology for school.

“This product, along with other PPE tools, we have decided to provide to our school customers, because this is what they need right now,” explained Belinda Kenley, Vice President of Energy Optimizers, USA.”There’s such a sense of urgency to make sure that buildings are safe for students and staff.”

So far, Valley View Local School District has expressed interest in the technology, as well as the Montgomery County Educational Center.

Thursday, superintendent of the Montgomery County Educational Center, Shannon Cox, visited Energy Optimizers to learn more about the technology that could help more than 60,000 students in the school system.

“This is the type of technology that would help us enter into the 21st century,” said Cox. “This would allow us to make certain that we’re not just taking into consideration ‘in the midst of COVID,’ but we also need to make sure that we’re keeping our kids safe forever. So the fact that this has safety and security features, that would be an added benefit to all of us.”

The technology could also be used to take attendance of students and staff. Cox says the educational center is looking for solutions to not only reopen schools but keep schools open safely and long-term.

“Parents have got a hard job right now. It’s a tough decision and I don’t think any of us want to say that a piece of machinery is going to make parents feel better. But something like this [machine] can at least assure that we’re providing the safest environment that we possible can,” said Cox.

For more information on the Smart Pass machine and other technology available through Energy Optimizers, USA, click here.