DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Bengals fans packed Milano’s Pizza, Subs & Taps on Brown Street Saturday evening to watch Cincinnati play in their second playoff game.

Nearly every seat at the restaurant was taken by Bengals fans, and a few Titans fans, waiting to see who would move on to the AFC Championship.

“I think we were very lucky, I think we, this is one of the very last seats available at Milano’s,” Bengals fan Jack Bertkey said.

“It’s great seeing almost the whole place full of Bengals fans,” Bengals fan John Johnson said.

Fans said they chose Milano’s as their spot to watch the game so they could be with friends and other fans.

“Awesome game, awesome atmosphere, you see the atmosphere in Milano’s right here,” Bengals fan Andrew Finlay said. “It’s great. Let’s go Bengals!”

“I mean you hear it, every single point we score, every single stop, we’re yelling,” Bengals fan Casey Cameron said.

With the score tight to the end, fans said they were nervous watching the game.

“It just keeps you on pins and needles because they have the ball and then all of a sudden they lose it, then we have the ball,” Bengals fan Cynthia Crosby said.

The crowd wasn’t entirely Bengals fans, some Titans fans were there to support their team too.

“Basically the only two Titans fans in here,” Titans Fan Angeles Fonseca said. “It’s tough, we’re in a sea of Bengals fans, but it’s ok, we’re sticking it out.”

After the game-winning field goal, the excitement of fans radiated through the restaurant. Many of the fans said they’d be back next weekend to cheer on the Bengals again.

“Who Dey? Who Dey think gonna beat those Bengals? Nobody!” Crosby said.

“I hope the Bengals keep winning so we can keep going back to Milano’s having a good time,” Finlay said.