VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN)– The Dayton Air Show wrapped up Sunday bringing in thousands of aviation fans.

The Blue Angels Super Hornets made their first appearance here in the Dayton Air Show this weekend. Besides the Blue Angels, several local pilots have missions right here in the Miami Valley.

For over 20 years, Pilots for Christ has flown hundreds of Miami Valley and midwest families in need. They showcased their plane in the center of Dayton’s Air Show hoping those in need hear their mission.

“Aviation is more than War Birds and airplanes you see, it’s about God’s mission and being able to carry people to different locations, help them and help their families through the needs they have,” said President Pilots for Christ Todd Kinser.

Aviation History Enthusiast Mike Absten showcased his experimental Vans RV6. Mike was told as a kid that he would never become a pilot due to wearing glasses and decades later, he comes to the Dayton Air Show to inspire all children of all backgrounds.

“I served 22 years in United Airlines, served in the Air Force Reserve, Army Guard, Army Reserve, I fly private and helicopters, all of these are things I wasn’t supposed to do,” said Absten. “I want kids to know that no matter what income bracket they come from or the smartest kid in the class, if you like aviation there is something there for you.”

The Ohio Military Reserves says the Dayton Air Show promotes patriotism on all levels, showing support for the members in the air and the boots on the ground.

“The Dayton Air Show has allowed all the federal services and state guard to come out and recruit because they support patriotism, they support America, and our armed services,” said Sgt. John Kozak. “As boots on the ground, we can support that mission here.”

The Dayton Air Show attracts thousands of Ohioans every year but with the Blue Angels Super Hornets in town, residents wanted to see their first appearance in the Miami Valley.

“When I heard they were switching over to the new Super Hornets, I thought man that’s going to make the show so much better, they’re bigger, easier to see and way louder,” said Resident John McNees.

Fans are already gearing up for next year’s Dayton Air Show with the Thunderbirds coming back into town for 2023.