DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton Air Show officials are looking to create a new parking lot due to flooding.

According to a project request sent to the Dayton Development Coalition, over the past years the Air Show has experienced flooding in their lots. Officials said the issue causes people to park remotely which increases prices as guests then have to be shuttled to the show.

We are looking to create a new parking lot. We’ve experienced flooded lots in past years which has significantly impacted our show as we’ve had to implement remote parking. Remote parking significantly increases our costs because we have to shuttle everyone. It also has a negative impact on the local economy because people are unable to attend the show and cannot spend time in the local community due to traffic delays.

United States Air and Trade Show

The cost of the project is $606,0000. Officials are requesting the total amount to be used a year from now or later. The Dayton Air Show said the new parking lot is necessary as it will keep the Air Show in the community so it can continue to have a significant economic impact.

There’s been no word on if the application has been granted.