DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The 2023 Dayton Air Show is only two months away, and organizers have announced some big news for this year’s event.

A three-lane access point is being built off Engle Road and Northwoods Boulevard to keep people off the interstate. The goal is to make parking and paying for tickets easier for attendees.

Dayton resident Robert Price said it’s a good thing people will be able to park faster, because many are excited for 2023 Dayton Air Show line up featuring the Thunderbirds.

“You know, it’s just exciting to get that rush when the big jets and stuff go past you,” Price said. “It’s like, wow, you know the feeling of power. You know, this is just amazing.”

Organizers announced the parking change, which would minimize traffic headaches and get people off the highway sooner to pay and park, and locals are happy to hear it.

“I think it’s a good idea that they’ve got to open up to do entrance over there because it gets really crowded,” Chad Maloney, a local resident, said. “It’ll alleviate, you know, all the mess going on around there, and maybe they’ll find people bringing in more things over there.”

The air show had record attendance last year and will have 5 hours of flying this year. Organizers say they are hoping the change will create a better experience for everyone at future shows.