DARKE COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) –  After 47 years of service with the Darke County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Toby Spencer will be retiring from his position.

As of October 31, Spencer will step down as Sherriff. He has maintained his position as elected Sheriff of Darke County for 28 years, he said.

Spencer said he is leaving the Sheriff’s Office for personal reasons that have taken a toll in the past couple of years.

Spencer also said he believes he is no longer able to do the job that he was elected to do. 

“I was elected to serve and protect the citizens of Darke County,” he said. “Unfortunately, under the courts of Darke County, the only ones that are protected are those that continue to offend and continually break the law. There is no accountability for those that prey on our society.”

Sheriff Spencer thanks the citizens of Darke County for supporting him and for having the confidence to elect him for 8 terms as Sheriff.

 “I truly am a blessed man to have served the wonderful citizens and great Darke County, Ohio,” Spencer said.