SPRINGFIELD, Ohio (WDTN) — March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month, and Clark County has found a way to get everyone involved.

Developmental Disabilities of Clark County is hosting a dance so people can get to know and support the clients they serve.

The Clark DD Rockin’ Ball is taking place Friday, March 3, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. for those age 18 and older. It’s being held at the Clark County Fairgrounds inside the Mercantile Building. 

This is the first time for the event, and they’re hoping for 400 to 500 people. 

Deron Bell and his band will provide the entertainment. 

“We’re going to be playing a combination of Motown, funk music, pop music. We’re just going to be jamming, dancing,” says Deron.

Ahead of the dance, Deron showed off his purple Prince replica guitar to some of the people who will be at the dance. Zan Mullett and Ryan Tonika got their hands on the special guitar.

For Deron, it strikes a chord. 

“One of my brothers in my family, he has autism,” says Deron. “This means so much to me.”

Melissa Baker is the Community Support Supervisor for Developmental Disabilities of Clark County. She’s helping plan the event. 

“We have a lot of individuals who love music and love to dance. And we thought it was a natural pairing for the community and for our individuals to come together and do something that they love,” says Melissa. 

The dance celebrates people with disabilities and their inclusion in the community. 

Zan and Ryan are all smiles and ready to bust out the moves.

People can come for food, to listen to music, and to get down on the dance floor.

“If they want to roll around, if they want to clap their hands, maybe they can only wave. It’s all about what they want. It’s going to be inspiring. It’s going to be engaging,” says Deron.

“We want people to be passionate about people with disabilities and to understand and appreciate them and accept them into the community,” states Melissa. 

Tickets are five dollars online in advance, and ten dollars cash only at the door. Money will go back into Developmental Disabilities of Clark County.

“It’s more of a Friend-raiser for us. We really just want people to come together and have a great time. That’s the whole point,” says Melissa.