BELLBROOK, Ohio (WDTN) — Four units were destroyed in an apartment fire in Bellbrook on Monday.

The fire occurred at an apartment complex on Pond Mill Drive in Bellbrook Monday afternoon. According to Bellbrook Fire Chief Anthony Bizarro, the fire began on the balcony of one of the apartments in a four-apartment unit. The fire then got into the shared attic and quickly spread to the other apartments in the unit.

Heavy damage can be seen and there were reports of the fire coming through the roof.

While no one was injured in the fire, the residents of all four apartments have now been displaced. The American Red Cross has been notified, Bizarro said, and crews are working with the residents to make sure they have somewhere to go.

“All the smoke detectors are going off,” Bizarro said. “They are chirping in all the units, so the detectors were activated, and I believe that’s how the majority of the occupants got out.”

Bizarro said that six departments were on the scene to rotate firefighters so no one was injured in the heat.

“Even being an outside defensive fire initially, it does take a toll on the guys with the heat radiating from the building and then just all the equipment the guys are wearing,” Bizarro said, “So we are just taking our time, making sure the guys are staying hydrated and taking care of them as well.”

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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