DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — As the threat of severe weather makes its way into the Miami Valley, it is important to be prepared.

According to Mary Ann Kabel, the Director of Corporate Communications for AES Ohio, the power company is beefing up its staff ahead of the storm system.

“We have upgraded our staffing for this evening through tomorrow. So that means prior to the storm, in preparation, during the storm, and after the storm as we do restoration,” Kabel explained.

Kabel said AES crews will be ready to clean up and get power restored as soon as it is safe.

“Our crews work as quickly and as safely as possible to restore power to our customers. So that is the safety and the guidance as we go through,” Kable said.

Part of the concern is trees and limbs. Gary Clare, an arborist with C&W Tree Service, said it does not take much for a tree to topple over and cause extensive damage to your home.

“Right now, the trees are a lot more brittle than what they are in the spring or summertime. So, it doesn’t take a whole lot of force to really break one off anymore, or uproot it even because the ground is saturated from the rain we get,” Clare said.

Clare added the best way to prevent storm damage is by trimming any extensive growth and making sure trees are not too close to your home or building.

“The main thing is to do a routine maintenance on your trees. You want to have a dead wood or a proper pruning every so many years. So want to make sure the limbs above your home have good clearance. You don’t want them to be touching your house,” Clare said.