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Cresco Labs and Yellow Springs enter community partnership

YELLOW SPRINGS, Ohio (WDTN) - When the doors opened Monday morning to Cresco Labs, a medical marijuana cultivation site, both the company's CEO and Yellow Springs officials said it was the beginning of a community partnership.

Yellow Springs officials said the city has always been a beacon for health and wellness, and like other small towns, have lost key businesses in recent years, so Cresco Labs bringing over 60 jobs to the town is huge.

"The relationship that we've been able to develop with this village is remarkable," said Cresco Labs CEO, Charlie Bachtell. "We couldn't have gotten more support right at the beginning."

And the company plans to give that support back to the community by paying every employee to do 40 hours of community service each quarter.

"Yellow Springs has around 100 nonprofits," said Village Council President, Brian Housh. "We've got the Glen Helen, we've got the Antioch farm, we've got all kinds of things going on that I think are not going to be only great opportunities for us, but also for their employees to understand how cool our community is."

And Housh said that is just the beginning.

"Once they're profitable, a percentage of their revenues will come back to the village and we expect not only community development and those kinds of projects, but also potentially supporting infrastructure," said Housh.

And the spot the company is developing, historically called the Center for Business and Education, Cresco has expanded the road and utility services, so other businesses could soon pop up in the 40 acre lot.

"We also want to tie in things potentially like agriculture, or food," said Housh." I could imagine some health related things, anything that's not your typical heavy industrial, we would be interested in exploring."

Bachtell says right now they have about 25 thousand square feet for cultivation, but they will need to expand that in about two to three years.

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