DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — In 2017, the American Heart Association launched the first mobile CPR kiosk in the country. Now, there is one at the University of Dayton.

According to the American Heart Association, over 350,000 cardiac arrests happen outside of the hospital. 

The hands-only kiosk is the first of its kind in the country on a university campus. Most of them are found in airports and sporting facilities.

“We will use different educational opportunities to engage the student body as well as faculty and staff and community members. So, individuals throughout the city of Dayton can also come in here utilize this machine and practice CPR,” Melissa Longino, the Executive Director of UD Campus Recreation said.

This type of training is vital because cardiac arrest can take place at any time, just like the unexpected tragedy that took place on UD’s campus, and what happened to NFL player Damar Hamlin.

The kiosk starts with a touchscreen video program giving an introduction and quick practice round followed by a test.. it rates your performance on a scale of 1-100, measuring both your rate and the effectiveness of your compressions, happening in just a few minutes.

“In five minutes, an individual can learn how to perform CPR and understand both and the rate of compression that they need to have effective CPR important skill to learn, and to be readily available in case that happens,” she added.

Around 60 students are in the UD Campus EMS and the chief, Haley Rodeffer says they even lead classes so students can get certified and even safe lives.

“Something as simple as just doing CPR can save somebody’s life. I mean CPR gives people three and three times more likely to survive a heart attack. If CPR is initiated immediately everybody can do which makes it all that more important,” Rodeffer said.

Kettering Health Network is also launching a kiosk on the campus of Wright State University in February of this year, with very similar features.