Emergency responders say overdose numbers are slowly going down as community support goes up. 

Conversation for Change is an event that brings all of Dayton’s resources and puts them in one room. The hope is that events like Conversation for Change will get people of the street and into treatment. 

With the help of Dayton Police and the Dayton Fire Department, East End Community Services is able to put these events on. 

“They are not use to the police showing up to offer help,” said Officer Jason Olson. 

Officer Olson checks on overdose victims on a daily basis.

“We are knocking on doors, talking to them, or to family members and giving them treatment options,” said Olson. 

Officers knocking on doors and having a conversation. Punishment isn’t at the forefront like it once was.

That’s where East End Services and Conversation for Change comes in.

“It’s a person centered approach. We don’t tell you how to start your recovery process or how to get involved in it. We just create the environment for that. We say hey..we are here and we can educate you on what’s out there. But you have to decide what’s best for you because recovery is a long-term journey,” said Emily Surico, a program manager at East End.

Addiction and it’s journey involves everyone, including Amy Dunkin. She’s an EMT with the Dayton Fire Department. 

“The stigma of not wanting to get help is going away because our community with Conversation for Change and with GROW, along with Dayton Fire and Dayton Police, you can go pretty much anywhere for assistance, ” said Dunkin. 

Dunkin lost her brother to addiction. 

Her work and the success stories that come with it, mean the world to her. 

“Part of what we do is we take out the excuses. We can make the phone calls. We can do the transportation to wherever they need done,” said Dunkin.

Conversation for Change is this Thursday, at the Linden Avenue Baptist Church starting at 5:00pm.

Here is the list of Conversation for Change events:

Thursday, March 22: Linden Ave Baptist Church 101 Linden Ave (5pm-7pm)

Thursday, May 24: Dayton Fellowship Club 1124 Germantown Rd (5pm-7pm)

Thursday, September 26: Linden Ave Baptist Church (5pm-7pm)

Thursday, November 29: Kroc Center 1000 N. Keowee Ave (5pm-7pm)