DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The car that made America love sports cars was showcased on Sunday at Carillon Park.

The 16th annual Dayton Concours d’Elegance took place on the afternoon of Sunday, Sept. 17. The event honored MG sports cars, as the marque celebrated its 100th anniversary.

Kim Smittel has owned her “MG” for a little over a year and says her family enjoys bringing the car to events like this.

“It’s really exciting, especially when you do events like this because we drive around.” said 1962 MG owner, Kim Smittel,”We also let people sit in it and we let children keep the horn and sit in it and try to get the next generation to participate.”

Smittel’s family brought a couple of different cars besides the mg.

Though their 62′ “MG” was the rarest. It was one of 26 vehicles imported to the United States in 1962. This year had several unique features including the grill.

Around 175 antique and classic automobiles and motorcycles were on display. The invitation-only vehicles were judged for awards in 21 classes.

A parade of class-winning cars, motorcycles and major award winners was presented at 3 p.m.