DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – On Sunday, Dayton’s Community Blood Center kicked off their New Year’s Resolution Blood Drive event. With just days until 2022, Community Blood Center President Mark Pompilio is asking people to include donating blood in their resolutions.

“The traditional challenges of the holiday and winter season upon us, so it’s important for people to come and support us,” said Pompilio.

Pompilio says the Center’s Christmas Eve Blood Drive saw 114 people donate the gift of blood. However, along with COVID-19, another challenge the Center faces is getting type O blood, which is the universal blood type needed for emergency transfusions.

“It’s in demand everywhere. We’re trying to help other blood centers. We sent type O blood to Michigan after the shooting. We’ve sent type O blood to Kentucky after the tornadoes. Everybody wants it, it’s a demand across the nation,” said Pompilio.

People who are in good health, ages 17 and older, and weigh 110 pounds or more are encouraged to donate. 16-year-olds are also encouraged to donate with parental consent.

“We do need some more people to fill these beds, not just today but on the day after New Year’s. It’s important because we have to jump over the holiday weekend and have enough blood to start the week and get back to our mobile blood drive collections,” said Pompilio.

Pompilio is encouraging anyone eligible and willing to get out, roll up their sleeve, and give the gift of blood.

“Our motto is we’re counting on you in 2022. We really need people to think about if they’ve never been a donor, become a first-time donor. If they’ve donated before, set a goal of trying to donate at least two times in 2022, maybe 3 blood donations.”

The New Year’s Resolution Blood Drive runs from now until December 31. Those who register to donate receive a $10 Kroger gift card and a Hometown Hero holiday blanket. To learn more about how you can donate blood locally, click here.