DARKE COUNTY, Ohio (WDTN) — The annual Poultry Days celebration will be returning to Darke County and offering a special contest.

Our partners at Miami Valley Today say a golden ticket will be placed into three random chicken dinners or coolers and will be released each day from Friday, June 9 to 11. Three people will be declared as winners, which will win free chicken for life if they receive the ticket.

“For a chance to win you must pick up chicken in the festival’s Walk Thru, Drive Thru or Bulk Pick Up lines,” our partners say. “The winner will receive two chicken dinners per festival day, for life.”

If you are looking to purchase coolers of chicken in advance, you can buy them here. The coolers will come stocked with 20 chicken halves in a heat bag to keep warm for hours. Additional side items can also be purchased, like applesauce, drinks, rolls and more.

At the festival, you will be able to pick up the chicken by drive-thru, walk thru or the bulk pickup lines.

Poultry Days anticipates selling more than 36K meals during the time the festival is open in June.