FAIRBORN, Ohio (WDTN) – The City of Fairborn voted to make it illegal for people to light off fireworks within city limits. A new state law will make it legal in Ohio, but it also allowed cities to opt out.

The state of Ohio recently passed Ohio House Bill 172 that will go into effect July 1. The law will allow private citizens to use consumer-grade fireworks several times per year to celebrate major holidays, but gives each city the choice to opt out and ban fireworks.

Monday night, Fairborn City Council reached a unanimous decision and banned private firework use for city residents. 

Jo Ann Collins lives in Fairborn. She encouraged the council to ban fireworks due to the number of military members in Fairborn who might be suffering from PTSD.

“They don’t want to speak about war, they don’t want to think about war, and when they hear the fireworks, their flashbacks get really bad,” said Collins. “Please, be respectful of those who give their life and give their service who no longer appreciate the fireworks.”

Fairborn Police supported the city’s ban on fireworks, saying the risk of injury must also be considered.

“The staff is currently recommending that we opt out of House Bill 172 and stay within the current ordinance,” said Capt. Ben Roman. 

The city will still hold its professional fireworks displays on holidays like the Fourth of July, but this ordinance prevents citizens from lighting off their own fireworks.