DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — At Wednesday’s Dayton City Commission meeting, $2.4 million was approved toward the redevelopment of blighted properties around the city.

This is the latest addition to the city’s plan to revitalize neighborhoods across the area.

In Wolf Creek, there is expected to be a $300,000 investment toward building 28 affordable tax credit homes.

The plan is to take 28 vacant lots like these and turn them into affordable tax credit housing. That means there’s an income limit to be eligible to rent one of the homes. City officials say they see the value in the area and say they are trying to increase quality housing options.

“Many of the cases, the locations are where vacant, abandoned, abandoned, blighted properties were,” Tony Kroeger, City of Dayton Planning Division Manager, said. “The city worked with the land bank to demolish and remove those houses which were not going to be renovated at any point.”

However, some neighbors who live in the area say that’s not what they asked for.

Latasha Roundtree, president of the Wolf Creek Housing Association, said they want development to happen in their neighborhood, but they don’t want this 28-home development to be built as income tax credit housing because it means the houses will be income restricted rentals for 3 decades.

“Rental property for the next 30 years takes out home ownership for an entire generation in this community,” Roundtree said. “We don’t want them in our neighborhood if they’re not here to benefit the entire neighborhood.”

There is not a set date on when then constructions of the new homes will start for the rental properties.