DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — The Dayton City Commission is expected to vote tonight on part of the biggest demolition project the city has ever undertaken.

Roughly $1.7 million has been set aside for asbestos removal and remediation with most of that money coming from American Rescue Plan Act funds.

However, the city might not use all of the funds, according to deputy director of department of planning and community development Steven Gondol.

This is to make sure they would not have to go back to the commission for more money later on. Gondol said he is hopeful residents will appreciate the overhaul they are trying to do to make Dayton a better place to live.

“We’re hopeful that what the public sees is that by us being able to fully address some of the blighted properties, that we’re getting it at a block level, a neighborhood level and eventually a citywide level,” Gondol said.

“So, these funds that we’re undertaking through the recovery plan are allowing us to really do a wholesale remediation of whole neighborhoods.”

The project is set to be complete by 2026. It will more than double the city’s typical amount of demolition.