DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Dayton City Commissioners holds its first meeting since Dayton Police held a briefing and released body camera video showed a paraplegic man being dragged from his car.

Several citizens spoke at the Commission meeting expressing their concerns over how Dayton Police treat citizens. Many of them said they were surprised and upset that the officers involved in the incident were still on the street.

Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley told the audience in council chambers she was happy they came to share their concerns. “I appreciate everyone coming forward today. I’m glad you’re here, that we hear you, that I hear you and on a human level watching that video was incredibly painful for all of us,” Whaley said.

Whaley also talked about the release of the video saying, “We wanted to make sure that its’ public. There was no hiding of this because of police reform. Because of the work that police reform had (begun).”

Whaley continued, saying there was a process in place to release the video and that was followed. Some from the crowd began shouting at the Commission and several people left room after Whaley’s statement.

It has been just under two weeks since an altercation between Dayton Police and Clifford Owensby was caught on camera. Owensby told police he was a paraplegic during a traffic stop on September 30. Officers dragged Owensby out of the car before arresting him.

There were no charges related to the incident against Owensby, but he did receive two citations. One for having an unrestrained child in the backseat and another for having dark tinted windows.

Owensby said he felt humiliated and violated by the confrontation and is now filing a complaint and a lawsuit against the department.

City leaders expressed concern over the incident and credit recent reform efforts for bringing the issue to light.