DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – A local emergency response team has delivered supplies to residents that live on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

The Churches of Christ Disaster Response Team delivered generators and cleaning supplies on Wednesday.

The team encountered some logistical issues getting the supplies off the mainland.

“Being from Ohio, I’ve never been on a ferry for that long. Two hours and forty minutes. That was an adventure. The seas got a little rough on us,” said Jeff Felzien of the DRT.

Most of Hurricane Dorian’s damage in the U.S. was concentrated on the islands off North Carolina.

Felzien says ferry access to impacted areas has been rough. The cars and relief supplies are being packed on ferries. As soon as he reached his destination, the transportation issues didn’t stop.

“Getting up and down the streets takes a lot of patience,” said Felzien.

The DRT has talked with residents to get a better idea of what issues they are facing. So far, Felzien says the damage has varied. Suggesting vacation homes on stilts seem to be in better shape than local houses.

“The houses on stilts are in pretty good shape. People that are residents here, they’re the ones that have been hurt the most,” said Felzien.

Even residents with stilted homes had water get waist high.

Currently the streets are littered with broken cars and washed out home appliances.

“The immediate need is honestly electricity. We brought generators over. These people are operating without electricity. There’s generators almost at every facility,” said Felzien.

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