DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A child’s body was found in the river near downtown Dayton on Saturday.

Authorities responded after a call about a possible body in the water near Riverview Avenue, just north of Monument Avenue.

The Dayton Police Department and the Dayton Fire Department arrived on scene, and discovered the body of a young boy between the ages of six and nine. The body has not been identified yet, and authorities said the identification could take several weeks.

Police could not confirm whether the boy is Lucas Rosales, the 7-year-old who went missing near Eastwood MetroPark on April 29, 2023, however, his family was notified and was on the scene.

“Lucas isn’t the only one that is missing, it’s just been the highest profile here recently.,” said Lt. Jeffrey Thomas with the Dayton Police Department. “But we do appreciate the assistance all the public has been able to give us through these times where children, being children, need to be reunited with their parents.”

Police said identification of the body could likely take six to eight weeks.