DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Medical providers are issuing a warning tonight for their clients currently covered by Medicaid. Federally mandated changes in eligibility are set to begin on April 1.

If clients do not reapply for coverage, they could be removed from their coverage plans.

According to Primary One CEO Charleta Tavares, all Medicaid clients will receive a verification request checking to renew their eligibility for benefits.

Tavares says failure to get recertified can result in losing your Medicaid coverage.

“Everyone is trying to get our patients, our community residents, to pay attention to their mail,” Tavares said. “If they don’t receive a piece of mail, pay attention to emails. They may get phone calls, but to respond.”

Tavares said that if you have not heard anything from Medicaid and you are a current client, it is critical that you contact the Ohio Medicaid Consumer Hotline by calling 800-324-8680.

Additional information about the changes taking place can be found here.