Centerville, Ohio (WDTN) — A group of Centerville parents is banding together to help Centerville City Schools increase safety measures.

The Centerville Safe organization was founded after the Oregon District shooting to help find ways communities and schools could be more secure.

“It was just a situation where we felt there was more we could do, and we felt like we needed to do something,” Emily Denlinger, the founder of Centerville Safe, said.

“So, we came in and met with the school district and what can we do to help identify projects we were interested in helping with.”

Centerville Safe is accomplishing this by helping the district to provide emergency classroom kits for every room in the school.

In order to provide these kits, they need the public’s help with donations.

“Emergencies can be things like if you are locked down for a tornado drill and somebody has a diabetic student who needs blood sugar raise,” Emily Bookwalter, vice president of Centerville Safe said.

“It’s those sorts of situations as well, not just physical safety shooting type emergencies. It’s kind of like an insurance policy. Of course, you hope you never need it, but it’s nice that you have it. The district is doing what they can, but this just gives us, the parents, and the community an additional way to come in and help.”

You can donate by visiting the organization’s Amazon Wish List and ordering supplies which will be directly delivered to Centerville Safe.

Those interested in helping with packing and distributing kits can sign up here.