DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Centerville High School students experienced a mock car crash demonstration Wednesday and heard from a local mother who lost her son to an impaired driver.

The mock car crash demo is a group effort between Centerville police and fire departments, Premier Health and CareFlight to show students the consequences of mixing alcohol and drugs with driving a vehicle.

A crash is simulated, as well as the response of emergency crews to the scene, all in an effort to deter anyone from driving under the influence.

“For you guys today, this was a mock crash,” Laura Seger, who lost her son Joey to an impaired driver in 2010, said. “But, for my family, this is all too real. From the cutting of the cars to CareFlight to the funeral home. For my family, this is real.”

Centerville High School runs this event every four years, to ensure every student gets at least one experience of the presentation.