CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – If you’re a fan of Centerville Athletics, you may want to brush up on your technology skills because as of this school year, the high school is moving to online ticket sales. 

Athletic director for the district, Rob Dement, said after tournaments through the Ohio High School Athletic Association went virtual last year due to COVID, many students and parents became accustomed to purchasing tickets online. But in efforts to avoid overwhelming families with new technology and finances associated with the transition, the district decided to wait.

“I can tell you that we chose to not do it last year just because it was new,” said Dement. “We did not want to pass on that cost to our families.”

Now that families have become acclimated to online ticket purchases and the district has found a way to offset costs, Dement said this fall is the perfect time to make the transition. 

“We have [chosen] to reach out to advertisers,” he said. “So right now we have some advertisers that are sponsoring all of our winter tickets, we have advertisers that are doing all of our spring tickets. Right now we’re searching for our last and final advertiser that would take care of the fall tickets.”

Those advertisers he said, are paying to appear on the tickets and passes sold to fans. Wrestling coach and parent of four Centerville graduates, Alan Bair, said while the new online sales will reduce wait times at the ticket booth and prevent ticket booth workers from needing to make changes, the adjustment may come as a challenge to some.

“People who are technically challenged, like myself — I think at some point they’ll figure it out, but it might be rough at the beginning,” Bair said.

However, Dement said both the athletic office and staff at the ticket booths are prepared to help fans through the process. 

“We do know that a visiting school is going to have someone show up that may be a fan that just comes to every game, but has no clue that they had to buy online,” he explained. “We will have a mechanism in place to take care of those one-offs if that happens.”

And if for any reason you don’t get a ticket at the booth, Bair said jokingly, “[Ask] a young kid. Every time I’m in class and I get stuck, I go, ‘Okay who knows how to do this?’ And they’ll fix my computer or my phone or whatever. So I think it’ll be okay.”

Dement said those who can’t purchase a ticket with help of a student or don’t purchase a ticket at the ticket booth are more than welcome to stop by the athletic office where staff can offer help.

To purchase tickets or passes to a Centerville Athletics game, click here.