CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – Overcrowding has become an issue for Centerville City Schools. District leaders are moving some students to new buildings to help solve the problem.

Superintendent Tom Henderson said the district takes a look at enrollment each year. This change isn’t a sudden decision, as they’ve been keeping an eye on overcrowding for a while.

“We did know that in some areas of our district, some of our buildings were getting more crowded, and approaching capacity,” Henderson said.

Henderson said the district aims to keep the student to teacher ratio no more than 24 to 1 for elementary and middle school, depending on grade level. Henderson said it especially becomes an issue as class sizes approach 30 or more students.

“If you can keep your class sizes a little bit smaller, and provide a little bit more personal attention on an individual level, that’s always a good thing,” Henderson said.

To address the overcrowding, starting next year, some students at John Hole Elementary will move to Normandy Elementary and some students at Magsig Middle School will move to Tower Heights Middle School.

The decision on which students move is based on the neighborhoods they live in. All families affected have been notified by the district.

“We think that by making these adjustments that it’s going to continue to keep us doing the right thing for the kids in making sure our instruction is top notch, and keeping our class size reasonable,” Henderson said.

It’s been over 15 years since the district last made changes to attendance areas.

Henderson said this decision will provide some immediate relief to the district, but the biggest impact will be in the long-term.

“It kind of sets us up for success for future years because over time we will move more students in a gradual methodology over the next several years, and that’s really what we’re after,” Henderson said.

More information about the district’s plan can be found here. Henderson said parents are welcome to contact the district if they have any questions or concerns.