CENTERVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) — After a city council meeting Monday night, Sheetz will not be coming to Centerville after all.

There was already an approval for the 24-7 gas station to be built on Far Hills Avenue, but the meeting on Oct. 23 ended those plans.

In Centerville’s city council meeting on Monday, Centerville Mayor Brooks Compton read an official statement reversing the previously approved gas station.

“The Planning Commission’s August 29, 2023, decision should be and hereby is reversed and the Applicant’s Major Site Plan application is denied as it is not consistent with the use and character of surrounding properties.”

The statement came after three appellants — Epiphany Lutheran Church, a member of the Village South neighborhood, and Grace Works as “Bethany Village” — voiced their concerns and filed an appeal. All three are very close to where the Sheetz would be.

The proposed Sheetz location was going to be one of many that are popping up around the Miami Valley, but several organizations rejected the approval saying it would not be a good  fit for the area.

The pastor of Epiphany Church said that while they support business growth, the overall traffic that Sheetz would bring in would not flow with the current businesses and organizations in the area.

“Three thousand vehicles a day and by their own estimation, somewhere between around 12 tanker trucks to fill those gas stations per week,” said Julie Reuning-Schere, pastor for Epiphany Lutheran Church. “So this is a lot more traffic than these small tributary streets normally see. And we are concerned for the quality of life for the residents, and we are concerned about the safety of our own ministries.”

Reuning-Schere says the community wants to see all local businesses thrive.

“Local business or any business that really is consistent with the other businesses in this area would also be welcome where we’re not anti-business at all and we want to see our businesses do well in town,” said Reuning-Schere. “So we have a variety of neighbors that we would absolutely welcome.”

2 NEWS reached out to Sheetz on the reversal by the city. You can read it below:

While we are disappointed by the Centerville City Council’s decision, we will continue to look for ways to expand throughout the greater Dayton-area with the goal of being a great employer and good neighbor in every community we serve.”

Nick Ruffner, public relations manager, Sheetz