CELINA, Ohio (WDTN) — A social media post went viral after a man risked his life to save a stranger’s dog, who had gotten out when visiting family left the back door open. Now that everyone has been reunited, the Aller Family said the rescue video is one of the scariest moments they’ve watched.

“He didn’t just save the dog, he saved my son also,” said Lisa Aller.

Every pet owner’s worst nightmare came true on Saturday, the Aller Family saw their beloved 1-year-old therapy retriever Gunner falling through a frozen lake, all on a Facebook post. The parents, Jeremy and Lisa Aller were out of town and had family members check on Gunner, when before long, Gunner escaped through the back door. Time passed and the Aller Family didn’t know that Gunner was even missing until they saw the social media post.

“That’s actually how we found out is that video being posted on Facebook and and we were like, ‘Oh that’s Gunner,’” said Lisa. “I was nervous for the guy too walking on the ice and I just was embarrassed, I was shocked and it was terrible.”

The man seen climbing into the canoe is Kevin Klosterman. Klosterman said he was at Grand Lake taking photos when he got a call from his brother about a dog plunging through the ice. Without hesitation, Kevin said he put on a life jacket, got a canoe and swam out to Gunner.

Klosterman said he grew up on Grand Lake and knows the dangers of walking on ice.

“The stopwatch started before he gave me the phone call so you only have five minutes or so and I didn’t know exactly what we were going into,” said Klosterman. “It would’ve been horrible if this had a tragic ending, we’d all be talking about that dog that died up on the channel.”

The rescue itself took less than four minutes, but the Aller Family said they owe Klosterman a lifetime of gratitude.

“If he’s listening, I just want to say thank you very much and I say that from the bottom of my heart,” said Ayden Aller. “If I would’ve lost Gunner, I don’t know what I would’ve done.”

The Aller Family said it’s safe to say anyone who comes into their house will be sure the back door stays closed. To watch the full rescue video and see the Facebook post, click here.