CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – A Cedarville University student and alumna have played a role in getting the Cincinnati Bengals to the Super Bowl, working as athletic trainers.

From training camp, to practices, to every home game, Cedarville University athletic training student Kurtis Gould has been along with the Bengals since May.

Gould said he won’t take any of the credit for their successful season, but is glad to be part of the Bengals’ journey to the Super Bowl.

“It’s incredible to be a part of it, be able to witness it, be able to be a part of that team, and I’d like to say I helped them to the this point in keeping them relatively healthy, but it’s really them putting in the hard work,” Gould said.

Gould was chosen along with three students from other colleges for the internship.

The students would set up the field for practices and were involved with athlete rehabilitation, treating injuries and preventative measures.

“Primarily things on the injury side of it, both with once they’re injured, but also trying to keep them from getting injured,” Gould said.

Cedarville’s relationship with the Bengals started in 2011. Associate professor of athletic training and athletic training program director Mike Weller is a former Bengals athletic trainer and friends with the team’s current head trainer.

Gould said this opportunity gave him experience in his field and helped him build relationships with the Bengals as well.

“It was interesting to get to know them on a personal level, beyond just what you see on TV, get to know them outside of football,” Gould said.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, Gould couldn’t travel to LA with the team, but he will be cheering on the Bengals from his home in Pickerington.

“I’ll be watching every second of that game,” Gould said.

Cedarville’s athletic training program has also helped alumna Kelsey Howell become the Bengals’ first female staff athletic trainer.