CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) — The Village of Cedarville has scrapped three ordinances relating to its stray cat population.

The three ordinances that were set to be discussed in Monday’s meeting, 2023-06, 2023-07 and 2023-08, have been tabled according to our partners at the Xenia Daily Gazette.

Proposed Ordinance No. 2023-06 provided a more specific definition of the term “Run At Large.” Secondly, proposed Ordinance No. 2023-07 would have criminalized feeding stray cats among other animals, as well as criminalizing animals making unwanted noises. Lastly, proposed Ordinance No. 2023-08, would have created regulations for residents to feed cats without getting fined.

Cedarville’s mayor, John Cody Jr. reportedly told the Xenia Daily Gazette that all three ordinances are now considered “previously proposed ordinances” and that any new legislation would have to start over at the first reading.

Although the ordinances have been scrapped, the Xenia Daily Gazette reports the problem still remains as there are approximately 1,000 cats per every 4,000-4,5000 residents.

Mayor Cody said the village is still seeking an “equitable solution” and is in the planning process.