CEDARVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) – A Cedarville pharmacy is believed to be the first community pharmacy in Ohio to offer an antibody treatment for COVID-19.

Cedar Care Village Pharmacy has been given 24 Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatments from the Ohio Department of Health.

Director of Pharmacy Justin Coby said it’s a big honor to be able to bring this COVID-19 therapy to Cedarville and the Miami Valley.

“Imagine that someone in a rural area that can’t access services gets to the pharmacy, gets tested, turns up positive, gets treated, all before they leave,” Coby said.

The treatment is for those already positive with COVID-19, and must be administered within 10 days of symptoms starting to try to prevent mild or moderate symptoms from becoming more severe.

“The reason why it’s used for treatment for these patients that have COVID is because we want them to have that increased immunity,” Cedar Care pharmacist Martha Morton said. “It also helps with their symtomology, it helps them decrease those major symptoms that might potentially be.”

The treatment is derrived from the cloned antibodies of a person who recovered from COVID-19, and is given in four injections, along with an hour of montioring afterward. An appointment takes about 90 minutes.

Coby said studies find this therapy is effective, keeping many COVID-19 patients out of the hospital.

“They found that these monoclonal antibodies, of all the research they’ve done, 70% of individuals who receive these, don’t end up hospitalized with COVID-19,” Coby said.

Coby said now that they have the treatment in, it feels good to carry out Cedar Care’s mission in the fight against COVID-19.

“It’s something kind of emotional for me because we’ve just been in this fight for so long and to be able to have something tangible, a therapy that I can give to patients who test positive,” Coby said.

The antibody treatment is by appointment only, and is offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.