DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – As winter continues, blood centers are still in dire need of donations, and what better time to donate than Ohio Blood Donor Awareness Month?

This winter, the Community Blood Center in Dayton said it is hosting a Donor Month Kickoff Drive for the first week of January.

“We’re fortunate that we can say we’re on low supply, but still somewhere in the three to four-day range particularly on type O,” Said CBC public relations manager Mark Pompilio. “That’s a tribute to our donors, and usage wasn’t particularly high over the holiday weekend. That can affect everything.”

This blood shortage is not only affecting Dayton, but also blood centers on a national level.

Maria Salkowski, Regional Communications Director for the American Red Cross said that if we don’t start to see an increase in blood donations and supply soon, the fear becomes not having the life-saving blood to supply to patients in need.

Everyone who donates during the Donor Month Kickoff Drive from January 2 through 7 will receive a free $10 Kroger gift card and a Long-sleeve t-shirt from CBC.

To register to donate, or for more information, click here.