DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Archbishop Carroll High School is using a new electronic system for hall passes, but not everyone is on board with the change. A former student reached out to 2 News with concerns about whether this could negatively impact students.

Olivia Bartlett graduated from Carroll a few years ago, but she has siblings who currently attend. She said she became concerned after learning about the new electronic system.

“It’s pretty stressful. My sister said she just didn’t go to the bathroom, she held it all day because she didn’t want to fight with the system,” Bartlett said.

The school is using a company called SmartPass which allows teachers to track how many students are out of class at a time and how long they have been out. Students can request a pass through their Chrome Books and the teacher can start the clock.

Matt Sableski is the Principal. He said they chose this system with safety in mind.

“It allows us to just identify where students are at. In this day and age, you just can’t be too careful. We want our kids to be safe at all times. And in the case of any sort of emergency, we want to be able to know where they’re at,” Sableski explained.

He said it could also prevent students from hanging out in bathrooms for too long, and prevent students from doing something they should not be doing.

“I think we’re realistic in that teenagers vape and we don’t want them doing that in school. And if this policy helps us prevent that, then we’re all for it. But really, it was a lot more about time on task in class, less disruptions, less kids leaving class,” Sableski said.

Bartlett said she understands safety is important, she is just worried about students’ overall health.

“I totally understand the safety of students is vital, but safety isn’t just limited to where they are in the building. It’s their actual health,” Bartlett said.

Sableski added students with health concerns will be allowed to take breaks when needed.

“We are never going to prohibit someone from from taking care of important medical needs, bodily needs, whatever it is. There’s really no change in any of that. They may have to wait a couple of minutes, but even in that situation, if there’s an emergency situation, we would absolutely accommodate that,” Sableski said.

Sableski said this is a 30-day trial run with SmartPass to see if they need to make any changes with the program. Carroll is not the only school to use this system, Wayne High School also uses it.