DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A Carroll freshman traveled to Washington D.C. on Wednesday with her coach to meet with congressional members and advocate for women’s wrestling to be recognized as a sport.

Carroll High School Wrestling Coach, Britney Carrington, traveled with her daughter June Pyles-Tresser, traveled with the nonprofit, Wrestle Like a Girl, a non-profit founded focused on empowering girls and women through increasing opportunities in female wrestling.

“Thankfully in Ohio we just got a sanctioned state tournament so we’re one step ahead this week,” Carrington said.

“Our goal is to meet with these staff members and really hone in on what is stopping us from sanctioning this sport in 2022 from giving the same opportunities as our male counterparts.”

Pyles-Tresser was the only wrestler in attendance from Ohio, a state that recently sanctioned women’s wrestling. She said she wanted to advocate for girls in the other 14 states that have not.

During the trip, it was announced that the state of Virginia had decided to officialize women’s wrestling as a sport.

“I’ve heard girls talking about their interviews and how awesome all the people and congressman were and how understanding all of congress was,” Pyles Tresser said.

“It will make things more equal for other sports outside of wrestling and offer more opportunities. Hearing that Virginia just sanctioned made us feel very happy and positive about everything that we are doing.”