DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Visitors can now take a train ride around Carillon Park to see the park like they never have before.

Recently cutting the ribbon on the park’s newest addition, and nailing in the golden spike, the train and track are part of an $11 million dollar expansion project.

“Back in the 1940s when Colonel Deeds was building Carillon Park, he had this vision of having a mid-nineteenth century locomotive here at the park on display,” describes Brady Kress, President & CEO of Carillon Historical Park. “He had a model built that was put on exhibit here in 1953, and we took that model, and had it re-produced in full scale as kind of fulfillment of his dream.”

With excavations for nearly three years, and the coaches and locomotive under construction for about a year and a half, roughly 80 years later Colonel Deeds’ vision is now coming to fruition.

“Our idea was to make it interactive and provide a nice, narrated tour around the property and a fun little attraction for everybody who visits,” states Kress.

On a one mile loop, the train takes visitors on a roughly 12-minute trip around the park.

“It’s large enough to accommodate at least 120 people in the two coaches,” says Kress.

At a speed of six miles an hour, it’s a chance to take in the history at Carillon Park.

“I’ve always liked trains, but for me, it’s very special for me to fulfill one of our founders’ dreams,” smiles Kress.

The cost is $5 per rider.

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