WEST CARROLLTON, Ohio (WDTN) — From a small remote village in Alaska to a classroom in West Carrollton, a Valentine’s Day card was recently delivered to a student as part of a social studies project.

“We ask parents to send in valentines to their children and to ask their friends and family not only in Ohio but across the states to send in those valentines,” describes Harold Schnell Elementary First Grade teacher Sheila Sanders.

People around the world delivered. Some students received cards from as far as England and Japan, but a card from Alaska only recently made its way into the hands of one student.

“Well, it said ‘Happy Valentine’s Day from Alaska,'” reads first grader Sadie Borders. “My mother Lizzie was counted first in all of the U.S. for the 2020 census count. She just turned 90 years old on January 20. She cannot spell, write, or read so I’m sending this card for her.”

“I didn’t even realize how cool that was until I started looking into it and I was like this really, this is really top-notch,” admits Sadie’s father Robert Borders.

“Not only was it from a small fishing village on the Bering Sea, but it was also from the first person to be counted in the 2020 census,” smiles Sanders. “She’s 90 years old. We went ahead and looked her up on the internet so the children got to see what she looked like, where she lived, and her village.”

“Well, I thought that was really cool I got something all the way from Alaska,” exclaims Sadie.

With the sender as the first person to take the 2020 census in Alaska, the card served as an underlying lesson in government that students didn’t even know they were getting.

“That leads into the discussion of those states that belong to the United States that aren’t necessarily connected,” says Sanders.

Sadie’s father is hoping she’ll take away even more than that.

“Really how small the world is and how many cool facts there are,” says Robert.