DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – Car repair shops in the Miami Valley report they’re keeping busy through the summer because calls are increasing for heat-related issues. These repairs can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

“We have people calling in, their cars are overheating or engine lights coming on, best thing to do is bring it in and have somebody check it,” Carl’s Body Shop Owner Matt Miller said.

Miller said there’s a long list of car troubles caused by the heat including: overheating, blown tires, fuel pumps going out, radiators exploding, leaking coolant and engine issues.

If the engine light comes on, or you notice a strange noise coming from your car, Miler said get it checked right away.

“Don’t let it get that far,” Miller said. “Try and have somebody take a look at it, even if it’s your brother in law that’s a mechanic or somebody. But don’t just keep driving your car when it’s overheating or the gauge is up or the light comes on.”

If the heat does cause you car troubles along the road, AAA Supervisor of Fleet Operations Shawn Cobble said his team is ready to help.

“With our business, we’ve been extremely busy with a lot of heat-related breakdowns,” Cobble said.

Cobble said preventative maintenance in the summertime is key to prevent a breakdown from happening.

“It’s always a good idea to get your car into a car care facility, have it checked out, make sure it’s good to go for the summer and the extreme temperatures,” Cobble said.

Along with checking tire pressure and fluids in your vehicle, these car experts said you should keep an eye on the gas gauge. Keep your car at half a tank or above to keep your fuel pump cooler and prevent it from going out.

If your vehicle does show signs of breaking down in the heat, Cobble said drivers should pull over, roll the windows down, shut off the car, and stay inside until help arrives.

“Keep yourself hydrated, try to stay as cool as you possibly can, but stay in your vehicle because it’s much safer in the vehicle,” Cobble said.