DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – YWCA Dayton is helping women and children who are enduring difficulties have a happy holiday season filled with gifts and necessities.

The organization kicked off its annual holiday market to help women in YWCA shelters and housing put gifts under the tree for their children and take home personal necessities. Marshall Weil, director of development, said years ago, the company used to hold an adopt-a-family program that allowed community members to gift items to individual households, but they’ve since changed it to give autonomy to women.

“The goal was to accomplish a few things, but primarily to provide the families, typically moms in shelter, an experience of the holidays as normal as can be for someone having to stay in a shelter,” said Weil.

Items that are available to them are brand new and include items like card and board games, young children’s toys and fragrances. However, there are some items that are still needed to help represent the demographics of those in the shelters.

“Women’s underwear is really important,” said Weil. “Boys especially – high school boys but also high school girls and that older kid range of toys is usually a little underrepresented.”

With all of the items supplied by community members, Weill said there is still time to donate. The best place to look for items, he said, is on the YWCA’s Amazon wishlist.

“At a time when where trauma is exacerbated whether that be the trauma of violence, the trauma of poverty, the trauma of not having family close, or having lost family being in a shelter on top of that is an extraordinary thing to carry,” he said.

To learn more about the holiday market, click here.