DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Humane Society of Greater Dayton is asking for community support after having to spend thousands of dollars to improve the life of one of their pets. 

Brian Weltge, CEO of the organization, said weeks ago a lab mix came to the Humane Society from a partner organization, but shortly after his arrival staff realized something was wrong. 

“On initial exam, [he] seemed to be great. [He] was eating and as we started doing further exams and looking at him, we noticed that he wasn’t opening his jaw very wide.”

To be more precise, staff said he couldn’t open his month more than 7 centimeters. As a result, they decided to have him undergo surgery. That surgery ultimately cost more than $4,000 to perform.

“When special situations like this come about, we don’t take general operating dollars to try and fix this,” said Weltge. “So what we like to do, is we like to pitch this to our community, and many times we have people that want to give special dollars to that particular cause…..and so these are called designated dollars. When people send money in for him, it would be used [only] for him.”

Weltge said some form of trauma, either intentional or unintentional likely caused Chevy’s injury. This week, he underwent the operation and is currently recovering in a foster home. However, the Humane Society could use your help to make up for the expensive operation and potentially help other animals in need of surgery in the future. 

“People can donate through our website at,” said Weltge. “They can also come down to our facility and we’ll give you a tour of our new facility down here that is intended to help people in our community, and animals in our community. But online, it’s probably the easiest.“

You can call (937) 268-PETS to donate. To make a contribution online, click here.