DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) – The Butler Township Police Department responded after a video surfaced of an incident involving two of the department’s officers.

According to the Butler Township Police Department, a bystander recorded video of an incident on January 16 where officers allegedly used force to arrest an individual. This incident is now under investigation according to department policies and procedures.

The Butler Township Police Department said officers were called to a McDonald’s in Butler Township on reports of a disorderly subject. The restaurant requested that a woman, Laticka Hancock, be given a formal trespassing warning after an argument with employees escalated.

Hancock refused to provide officers with her identity, and the situation escalated until the officers attempt to arrest her. At this point, the video shows one officer punch the woman.

Hancock has now been charged with resisting arrest and failure to identify, as well as other citations.

At this time, the department is reviewing all footage involved, including videos taken by the cruiser and the officers’ bodycams. If misconduct is found during the investigation, authorities said the findings would also include a recommendation for disciplinary action.

The officer who was seen punching Hancock has been placed on paid administrative leave during the investigation, police said.